Smart Wifi Camera 1080P - 130 Degree Wide Angle Lens With Night Vision
Smart Wifi Camera 1080P - 130 Degree Wide Angle Lens With Night Vision
Smart Wifi Camera 1080P - 130 Degree Wide Angle Lens With Night Vision
Smart Wifi Camera 1080P - 130 Degree Wide Angle Lens With Night Vision
Smart Wifi Camera 1080P - 130 Degree Wide Angle Lens With Night Vision
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Smart Wifi Camera 1080P - 130 Degree Wide Angle Lens With Night Vision

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Mijia Smart Camera 1080P
Intelligent detection, clear and is not stuck 
1080P full HD resolution | 130°supper wide angle lens |
10m infrared night vision scope | zoning and grading intelligent detection | two-way voice communication 


Homey warmth and safety, look after in all aspects 
1080P full HD resolution |  130°supper wide angle lens |
2.4G Wi-Fi | 10m infrared night vision scope

A clearer picture, the details are plainly visible 
1080P full HD resolution, 20fps high-frame-rate pictures 
Mijia smart camera provides 1080P full HD video capture, and supports a maximum high frame rate of 20fps
to support the smoothness of the screen. 
When viewing remotely with your phone, everywhere in the house is clearly visible.

Clear and is not stuck, you will not miss every moment
2.4G Wi-Fi
2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency supports to provide wireless connection with reliable signal guarantee.
Particularly, in the 2.4GHz congested network environment, can increase data transfer speed,
so as to ensure the screen fluency of mobile
remote monitoring to the best advantage!


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The wider visual field covers all aspects of the house
130°super wide angle lens 
Mijia Smart Camera is equipped with 130°super wide angle lens, which can easily cover more areas within the room
and effectively reduce the shooting dead angle. 

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It just likes an eye sees through the night, and always records the night. 
10m infrared night vision scope
Eight large 940nm infrared fill lights, the effective night vision range is up to 10m. 
No light pollution does not affect sleep. 

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While playing the phone, you can also watch your baby sleep. 
Mobile phone picture in picture 
When you use the phone to watch movies, see information and chat in Wechat, you can also see your baby sleep
in the screen. When you take care of your baby, you can also enjoy your life.  
Whether under the backlight or dark light, you can clearly view the details
WDR wide-dynamic range + BSI back-illuminated image sensor 
The light in the room is changing within 24 hours a day, backlight, dark light and high exposure environment are
very easy to affect the image quality of the camera. Mijia Smart Camera is equipped with BSI back-illuminated image
sensor and WDR wide-dynamic range, providing the high-quality home screen all the time. 

Image 20


One screen can display multiple pictures, so you can once control various spaces 
Multiple pictures in one mobile screen 
Every room in the house like the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and garden has a Mijia Smart Camera?
Never mind, you can watch several pictures in a screen at the same time, the intuitive and efficient scanning
let you can dynamically control several spaces at a time. 

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The smart camera provides more careful guardianship!
Zoning and grading intelligent detection
Family privacy protection
Two-way voice communication


The accurately detected screen changes reduce the invalid alarm
Zoning and grading intelligent detection
Mijia Smart Camera divides the detected screens into thirty-two grid boxes,
users can individually set the detected sensitivity of each grid box. 
It can greatly reduce the number of invalid alarms brought by flyaway curtains or changing lights.

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You can telecommunicate in anytime and anywhere through it,
and you have a different presentation to accompany with your family.  
Two-way voice communication
Mijia Smart Camera is equipped with an omnidirectional de-noise microphone, Hi-Fi speaker,
so the two-way voice communication will be clear and smooth.
The safe local storage provides family privacy disclosure
Micro SD card + NAS network private cloud storage
In addition to the local storage that supports Micro SD card, Mijia Smart Camera also supports the network
private cloud storage devices with NAS protocol (e.g. the Mi router which supports the hard disk expansion or other network storage devices).
Storing video in the local can prevent privacy disclosure, which is not only safely,
but also can avoid the additional costs brought by storing in the public cloud services.
The memory card and NAS storage are not included in the package and needed to be purchased separately
Micro SD card
(Maximum expansion memory is 64G)
NAS network private
Cloud storage

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